Can I create different types of memberships and collect fees online?

Yes, you can create multiple types of Memberships each with it's own fee structure. Members can pay fees online using a credit card. You can also collect fees in cash and add the Member manually.

Can I create separate promo codes for Members, non-Members and Affiliates?

Yes, you can create separate promo codes. For Members and affiliates, the promo code will be applied automatically when the guest logs in with a registered E-mail address.

How can I track and increase Event registrations?

We have made this very simple for you. Setup a target for your estimated registrations and track progress against it. The Event dashboard shows registrations in real - time broken down by Promotion codes. Should you need to, quickly create new E - mail campaign with a targeted mailing list.

Can I send E-mails and newsletters to Members and subscribers?

Yes, you can compose professional HTML E-mail complete with graphics and links, send Newsletters, and run Marketing campaigns. You can also track E-mail clicks, bounces, and canceled subscriptions.

How can I manage my team or Volunteers?

You can recruit team members and Volunteers online and have them select shift hours of their choice. Just create shifts of any duration and put them in Groups (Marketing, Registration etc.). You can also enforce policies like minimum and maximum hours for each Volunteer.

Can I have my organization logo on attendee badges?

Yes, standard Avery templates are supported; you can also have customized badges

How does EventERP.com differ from similar service providers?

Please review Features and comparison here.

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