Essential Tips for Boosting Your Event Ticket Sales

No matter what type of event you’re planning, it’s essential that you get enough attendees to make your event a success. In today’s technology-driven world, you’ll need to utilize event planning software in order to keep yourself organized in the time leading up to your event. When you sell more tickets ahead of time, you can plan all aspects of your event better, from refreshments and seating to financials. Read on to learn what you can do to boost the ticket sales for your event.

Online Registration

Whether you send out emails or use social media to promote your event, you should make it very easy for consumers to register and purchase tickets. Online registration allows guests to plan ahead with their busy schedules, and gives you an advantage of converting interest into a sale. Once a consumer has registered online or purchased a ticket from you, he or she will be much more likely to actually attend the event. The sense of accountability that comes with online registration will work in your favor, and your guests can easily spread the word about your event to others who might be interested in attending.

Buy Now

To take your event attendance to the next level, make sure it is easy for your consumers to buy tickets online. If the method of making a ticket purchase is difficult or unclear, you may lose the interest of your consumers who will move on to something else. A “buy now” option is ideal for concerts, lectures, workshops, and other events you might be hosting. As event attendees purchase tickets, they’ll encourage others to come with them, and you’ll be able to plan for your event with a better overall picture of attendance.


Some consumers are hesitant to purchase tickets in advance for an event, even if they are interested. Give them the option to be reminded about the event later with event planning software. Customers can get an email or a notification reminding them that the event is coming up.

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