Nominations and Abstracts - Competition within Event

Many a times, an Event will conduct a competition among it's participants like choosing top five companies or ideas. It could be fun or gamifying the event or even a serious contest. Whatever flavor it may take, at the core it requires a robust platform to keep it simple yet fun.

Keep it Simple and fair

Let's look at one scenario where Event host is calling for nominations of top startup companies in various industries. The idea is to select winners in each category but with a fair competition. The process should be unbiased and transparent to win the trust of all who participate. A logical flow would be -

  • Have companies submit their application within their category
  • Let someone verify the application for accuracy of data - make sure the company name, website and address are correct
  • Screen the companies on technical information like their contribution in the industry
  • Vet the companies and assign score. More than two (or three) Judges would assign score independently
  • Select companies with top score
  • Optionally, open up contenstants for open polling
  • Add polling score to Judges' score using a weighted formula and select winners

Each of the above step would be handled by different individuals; And each step would filter out some companies. This provides a fair process and it is transparent to everyone.

Changing dynamics

With current situation of COVID-19, most events are virtual. And gamification is one sure way to keep it fun and engaging. Having a robust platform is a key here. At EventERP, we have this process built-in, well tested and natively integrated with the rest of Event Management features. There is no add-on to purchase. You can sign up for our online event management resources on our website, or contact us by phone at (408) 221-0202 to learn more about how to put our event management software to work for you.

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