The Event Planner’s Guide to Networking

Networking is a valuable skill in any industry; when you specialize in event resource planning, the ability to connect with potential clients is as invaluable as your most effective event planning tools. Learning to market yourself and your skills through networking will not only increase the number of clients you serve, but often expand the number of services you are able to provide as well.

Expand Your Network of Resources

While you may already know the value of networking to increase the pool of clients that drive your business, it’s also important to expand your network of resources, such as catering, hosting, and media services. By reaching out to a greater number of service providers in your field, you can offer your clients a wider variety of services and the option to create a more customized event schedule or setting. Attending trade shows or visiting local services in person are both great ways to build a wider network of event planning resources and providers.

Use Social Media

Use Social Media Social media has become a widespread and influential way to increase the visibility of your event resource planning service. Creating and maintaining social media accounts is a great way to interact with both clients and vendors to increase the visibility and reach of your business. By participating in discussions, posting frequent content, and following up on past comments or conversations, social media allows you to easily reach out to potential and current clients or partners for the feedback and connections you need to drive your business forward.

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