Bloom It - Relations and not Leads

If your event is bringing different stakeholders, esp. buyers and sellers, together then networking turns into prospecting. A "Seller" here need not sell physical product or service. It could be a pro bono offer like mentoring or tutoring. And a "Buyer" need not be a corporate or a consumer. Irrespective of these subtleties, one thing is given - prospecting is the key. It will drive most of the interactions. Traditionally, this would happen during the event - business cards exchanged, new contacts added on mobile phones. But this is not efficient - either party may miss the context of conversation after the event. It is really difficult to establish trust over such a short time.

Trust needs sustained engagement

Turning a prospect turns into relation needs time and effort. A sustained engagement between "Seller" and "Buyer" can facilitate this transition. If both "Buyer" and "Seller" mutually agree to ongoing conversation, trust can be established. And as an event host, you hold the key here. You can faciliate a platform for "Seller" to contact "Buyer" - before, during and after the event. The "Seller" can distribute marketing material with interested "Buyers" digitally and answer their questions. These conversations can be confidential so "Buyers" have a trust in your platform and in "Seller".

Digital transformation - A new Way

Traditional way of gathering Leads and filling pipeline is quickly giving way to nurturing a relation. Social platforms have revolutionized the communication mode between "Seller" and "Buyer". The new way is to bloom a relation and not fill your Rolodex with Leads. As an event host, be the enabler of this new normal!

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